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Donate. Download. Done.


Donate to the Okotoks Food Bank on this website and receive your copy of IMPACT.

***You are still able to donate, but the book will not be sent to you until May 1st!***


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Thanks for your donation!


100% of your donation will go to the Okotoks Food Bank. Let's help them get a new delivery van!


Why The Food Bank?

The Okotoks Food Bank is the main distribution hub for the entire Foothills community. Now, instead of Foothills' clients travelling to Okotoks, they can access services in their own hamlet or town. This access requires a delivery van. Let's get moving! All proceeds from this book will be given to the Okotoks Food Bank to purchase a van. 

A little about me!

Hey! I'm Chelsea Taylor, a grade eleven student at the Foothills Composite High School.

Earlier this year, I was searching around for some volunteer opportunities. Unfortunately, due COVID-19 public health measures, I discovered volunteering in person was going to be a challenge. 


Still, I wanted to find a way to help our amazing community. My mom helped me come up with the idea to write a book as a way to document the experiences of people in Foothills during this unconventional time. 


From here the idea of IMPACT was born. I knew stories would make a difference and that these stories could be used to help our community.


I hope that this little book of individual experiences helps us reflect on our own COVID-19 experiences. Mostly, I hope it inspires us to move forward in a kinder and more intentional way because we can all have an IMPACT.

If you have any more questions, please contact me!

Thanks for submitting!

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